Vehicle Test Chambers

Cobeal's Vehicle Test Chambers (VTC) meet extreme cold and hot temperatures, and low and high humidity conditions to test how a vehicle's specific components will perform under extreme conditions. 

Vehicles can be driven directly into our custom built VTCs, which come in a variety of sizes, from small chambers to test items such as spark plugs to extended sizes that accommodate large fleets of vehicles. 

Stringent controls and alarms are available according to client specification. 

VTCs environments allow for battery-testing and other types of explosive tests. 

Advanced Simulations

Cobeal VTCs meet extreme cold and hot temperatures, low and high humidity conditions, low and high pressure conditions, UV light (aging testing), and the simulation of salinity and/or acid rain. Simulated tests provide engineers with information that enables them to improve a vehicle's design, including how to maintain that shiny new look