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COBEAL since 2004

Company Opened in 1963 under VISA®

  • 1900 Employees, Contractors, Consultants
  • 10 Regions (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Canada, USA) 
  • Expertise: Critical Environments, Safety, Energy, IAQ, Engineering, Construction, DBB (Design, Bid, Build) 
  • Primary Markets: Archival, Energy, Industrial, Facilities, Public Utilities, Government, Private Industry
  • Products/Services: HVAC/Safety/Energy Equipment & Technology Solutions, Energy-Efficient Systems, Sustainable Environmental Equipment





Historia de la Compañía


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Dedicación y Experiencia


Three Generations

Our Founder

Bo Erik Ingemar Hollsten, a Swedish mechanical engineer with a history in HVAC marine engineering and critical environments opened VISA® in 1963.

The Company's First Product Line

The company's first product line was industrial HVAC and filtration equipment for "Telefonos Ericsson" (which later became Telmex) in Mexico.

Original Licensee of Cambridge Corporation / Manhattan Project

Under Climatron, the company was an official Licensee of Cambridge Corporation, with filters originally derived from the technology used during WWII to remove radioactive particles from the exhaust air of the sites of the Atomic Energy Commission. 

Cambridge Corporation was a consequence of the original Manhattan project located in Syracuse, New York. 

Our company was formed to manufacture and sell the then declassified biological and radiological filters to be used in the disposal of radioactive waste. This filter was known as the "Absolute Filter". The Cambridge Corporation filters soon became the industry standard. 

VISA® and COBEAL's filtration designs are derived directly from this technology.

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