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Industrial Manufacturing / Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)



Generators, Solar AC & Solar Heating Systems



Armored Environmental Vaults, Explosion-Proof Enclosures, Military Bunkers, Safety Rooms


Commercial Architects


Cobeal is committed to providing design solutions that facilitate your project.

General Contractors


Cobeal's team can help you select the appropriate equipment for new construction, renovation or historical renovation projects.

Property Owners


Cobeal can make your project more accurate, easier to manage, and energy efficient, saving you up to thousands of dollars in high energy costs.

TurnKey Services

Cobeal at a Glance


Discover more about the disciplines you would expect from a nationally recognized provider with more than 50 years industry expertise.

Industries served



Test Chambers, Dehumidification Equipment, and HVAC systems to meet the appropriate standards and specifications for a full range of atmospheric conditions 

Archival & Museum


HVAC Systems, Environmental Vaults, Equipment and Procedures for controlling the environment (temperature, humidity and pollutants) 



Vehicle Test Chambers and simulated tests provide engineers with information that enables them to improve a vehicle's design 



Military Equipment Testing Chambers, Environmental Vaults, Customized Testing Chambers 



Environmental test chambers, corrosion test chambers, Environmental testing under extreme conditions

Green Construction


Energy efficient systems decrease the "environmental footprint"

Food and Beverage


Air handling units, floor and wall convectors, air heaters, industrial fans, channel exchangers, full range of energy-efficient systems 

Health Services


Hospital HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality and mitigate airborne transmission of diseases, while meeting infection control criteria 

Industrial Manufacturing


Air Handling Equipment, Commercial Ventilation Systems, controls and custom-engineered controls and systems for commercial and industrial use

Oil & Gas


HVAC systems to meet the needs of offshore applications, industrial systems for static structures and modular buildings, and corrosion-resistant, explosion-proof designs 



Temperature controlled storage and packaging systems



Stability test chambers, meeting guideline conditions of 25C and 60% RH and 40C and 75% RH, Precise Temperature & Humidity Control for constant uninterrupted testing, IQ/OQ/PQ Validation compliance, customized to meet sizing and temperature requirements

Power & Utilities


All-in-one severe duty HVAC units, explosion proof HVAC systems designed to operate in extreme conditions



Energy-intensive cleanrooms require the highest standards of cleanliness. Half or more of the energy consumed in the facilities is for the HVAC systems (the rest is for processes). Energy-efficient systems are key to savings.



Thermal energy storage (TES) systems shift cooling energy to non-peak times. They cilll storage media such as water, ice, or a phase-change material during periods of low cooling demand for use later to meet air-conditioning loads.



Demanding telecommunications applications require reliable, durable and efficient environmental systems. Our innovative products can provide free cooling operation for over 50% of the run-time.

Transportation & Logistics


Highly reliable and Energy Saving Air Conditioning Systems offering a variety of controllers and high efficiency components from an experienced manufacturer

Wind Generation


Wind generators and wind converters ensure that wind farms produce a maximum yield. We supply wind generators and converters for onshore and offshore applications.

At A Glance

About Cobeal


Cobeal offers technical and strategic consulting services, solutions, equipment and consumable products to public and private institutions and organizations.

Engineering Solutions


Cobeal specializes in the design, engineering, build, installation and commissioning of industrial and commercial projects.



Cobeal was formed in 2004, as a subsidiary of Ventilación Industrial, S.A. (VISA™) a marine engineering and air filtration company.

Contractor Program


Cobeal's Independent Contractor program was designed to approve contractors to install Cobeal equipment. 

TurnKey Co-Generation


Cobeal offers turnkey multipurpose co-generation solutions that are cost-efficient and ecologically sound.



Cobeal's professional engineers (P.E.s) and licensed architects provide professional, independent commissioning services. 

Rentas de Equipos de Emergencia

Rentas de Deshumidificadores

Estamos a sus órdenes: 

Cobeal ofrece alquiler gratuito de deshumidificación para las víctimas del terremoto.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información o haga clic en el botón EQUIPOS DE EMERGENCIA (abajo) para ser redirigido a PayPal para reservar su equipo hoy.

Equipos de Emergencia

Equipos de Emergencia

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