Safe Rooms


Cobeal has over 5 decades experience building fortified environmental rooms, hidden enclosures, preservation vaults, and explosion-proof enclosures for the military and other industries.


Business owners want to protect themselves and their employees and will spend the necessary resources to ensure that their shops and businesses are safe. 

Bullet-resistant barriers are one way to do this and create a sense of security for employees and customers alike.


A safe room is a room or structure specifically designed and constructed to withstand environmental pressures and physical impacts for the purpose of providing life protection. 

Safe rooms can be designed with ballistic materials to fortified-core barriers, such as bullet resistant doors and fiberglass panels for bulletproof walls. 

Cobeal's security rooms can be built in a conservative and practical way, within reasonable budgets with proven materials, or clients can choose to have them aesthetically engineered, complete with high tech, state-of-the-art personal protection technology.

Turn Key Safe Rooms

Turn key safe rooms can be specifically designed and constructed to withstand wind pressures and impact from external forces. From ballistic materials to fortified core barriers, our aesthetically engineered barrier resistant rooms can be built in a conservative and practical way, or can incorporate high-tech, state-of-the-art technology, depending on the wishes of the client.  

Advanced Studies & Reports

Physical Security & Environmental Protection


  • Cobeal provides risk management assessments to address threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Developed with first responders at the municipal, state, provincial, and federal level in mind, Physical Security and Environmental Protection Assessments guide Clients through the various phases of disaster management, including prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. 
  • Assessments contain the steps and principles essential to effectively manage a hazard or threat, preventing it from becoming a disaster. 

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Laboratory Filtration Selection


  • Consider particle retention, loading capacity, and liquid flow rate when choosing a filter or device to help improve laboratory efficiency. 
  • Cobeal knows that laboratory efficiency is an important aspect in lowering costs, improving results, and increasing the number of analyses that can be run during a given time. 
  • Laboratory Filtration Selection helps you determine which filters are best for your specific application by determining which grade best meets your goals. 
  • Cobeal's filtration engineers can walk you through the basic filtration principles and describe the most important considerations when selecting a filter for your application. 

How to Choose a Filter

Modeling & Simulating Crowd Motions


  • Cobeal offers Advanced 3D Evacuation Simulation Studies to help design improvements and optimization. Our studies determine whether or not the evacuation time complies with current rules and regulations. General crowd motion in a non-emergency situation can also be simulated (shopping malls, theaters, stadiums). 
  • Cobeal's Advanced 3D Evacuation Simulation Studies include: 
    • Crowd flow simulation 
    • Human behavior including individual agents goals
    • A properly defined geometrical environment 
  • Applications include:
    • Entrance and Exit simulations
    • Circulation around/within spaces
    • Red Code situations
    • Safety aspects within sky scrapers
    • Flow simulation in public buildings: stadiums, stations, airports

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Barrier Resistant Systems

Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance of Structural Systems

Safety Systems

Safety Doors


Options for bullet resistant doors include reinforced wood, steel, aluminum and acrylic. From a replica of heritage or a custom design, we use the latest 3D design and AutoCAD technology to turn your design ideas into a reality. We then bring your design to life with our high tech manufacturing standards.

Secure Locks


Cobeal offers a range of secure locking systems. Whether you need a strong durable lock to protect your inventory, or a protective lock for your front entrance, our locks offer versatility and strength and are a perfect fit wherever they're placed. 

Barrier Systems


Bullet resistant glass is created to resist bullet penetration, and is constructed from a variety of materials depending on the level of protection desired. Materials include: acrylic, polycarbonate, fiberglass laminate. These materials provide excellent braking power against most common pistols, shotguns and rifles. Glass can be almost invisible to the undiscerning eye.

Safety Controls and Automation

Access Control


Cobeal offers access control solutions that are: 

  • Instantaneous
  • Mobile
  • Reliable

Alarm Systems


From wireless to hardwired, alarm systems, Cobeal offers a full line of alarm and alert systems.



Automatization systems enable remote access control to regulate temperature and lighting systems, as well as valuable life saving systems, such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.


Audio Surveillance


Audio surveillance equipment are useful tools to add to your CCTV camera systems. 

Visual Surveillance


We supply video surveillance systems for home, business and government. We sell to end users, resellers, and installers. 

Hidden Surveillance


Hidden security cameras are often the best type of camera when the goal is to discretely monitor people and property. 

Seismic Safety Valve


Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valve

Cobeal presents the Northridge 2000 Earthquake Actuated Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valve: 

A stainless steel ball rests on a pedestal inside the valve when it is in the ON position allowing gas to flow. During a seismic disturbance of approximately 5.2 or greater on the Richter scale, the stainless steel ball falls from the pedestal and plugs the outlet passage stopping the flow of gas. The gas can only be turned back ON by manually resetting the valve. The faceplate has a magnet concealed behind it that lifts the stainless steel ball back onto the pedestal when it is slowly rotated one full turn counterclockwise.



  • Certified by the State of California the City of Los Angeles and CSA
  • Actuates during an earthquake of 5.2 or greater with no false trips
  • Exclusive manual shut-off and reset method (no tools required)
  • Available in 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" sizes
  • Built-in level for easy installation
  • Full instructions on valve
  • On/Off sight glass indicator
  • Only one internal moving part
  • Machined from high strength solid aluminum
  • Fully anodized for corrosion protection




  • Pipe Size: 3/4" NPT
  • Temp. Range: -10 F to +150 F
  • Max. Pressure: 10 PSI
  • BTU/Hr: 1,700,000
  • Cv Value: 21


  • Pipe Size: 1" NPT
  • Temp. Range: -10 F to +150 F
  • Max. Pressure: 10 PSI
  • BTU/Hr: 2,000,000
  • Cv Value: 17


  • Pipe Size: 1 1/4" NPT
  • Temp. Range: -10 F to +150 F
  • Max. Pressure: 10 PSI
  • BTU/Hr: 1,700,000
  • Cv Value: 21

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